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Samantha Jan 16, 2018 731 views

Should I get a PH.D, and MD, or and MD/PH.D?

I don't know yet if I want to go into practice or research so I don't know what type of degree to get. can I do research with an MD so thats safer? or do I need an MD/PH.D to do both? #degrees #research #neuroscience

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Jan 21, 2018 931 views

How do I know that I am doing the right thing?

I will be pursuing my bachelors. I already have my associates. I will be moving to where I don't know anybody. And I don't deal well with stress.
Is this really the right thing for me?

#questioning #bachelorsdegree #stress #college-advice

Marina’s Avatar
Marina Jan 20, 2018 516 views

Will the college I choose support the goals for my future?

My plans include getting a PHD in a science field. I am undecided in what colleges to attend and still working on applications. How will I be able to determine if the colleges I have applied to have programs to support my goals, mentorship opportunities, and future internships...

Kaira’s Avatar
Kaira Jan 24, 2018 834 views

What careers should I look into if I like to help people?

I am currently a senior in high school and I go to college in the fall of 2018. I am still unsure of what I want to major in, but I do know I love to help people. Many people tell I am helpful and I also tutor and volunteer a lot within my community. I was wondering what careers deal with...

Fathima’s Avatar
Fathima Jan 17, 2018 737 views

How do I blend visual art and writing skill with my biotechnology degree for a career?

Ever since I was a kid, I was constantly stuck between wanting to be an artist, a writer, or a scientist. There must be some way to have all these things in my life, but I'm not really sure since I want to be a microbiologist or parasitologist. #biology #biotechnology #molecular-biology...

Jada’s Avatar
Jada Jan 17, 2018 1118 views

Is there a profession out there that's an equal balance between creative writing/publishing and biomedical science?

I am torn between majoring in English and Biomedical Science/Engineering. I love to write stories and strive to become an editor for a publishing company/fiction author or screenwriter, but I also love genetics and would love to be a genetic engineer and researcher (see the details from my...

Skylar’s Avatar
Skylar Jan 17, 2018 789 views

How do you know which college choice would be best for your career path, but that would also benefit you with many different circumstances in the long run?

Since I was little, I had a dream of getting accepted into the college of my choice, but realized that as I got older, my dream became more realistic and I soon came to the conclusion that it may not be possible to get into that college. That is where I started to discover and read about other...

Isabella’s Avatar
Isabella Jan 16, 2018 659 views

How will I know when I've chosen the right career?

I am not 100% certain about my future and I don't want to go to college for something I'm not going to like later on. #career-choice

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Jan 16, 2018 555 views

What steps should I take if I want to work outside of the US with an engineering degree?

I want to travel the world and still work when I get out of college #abroad

barbara’s Avatar
barbara Aug 31, 2017 1011 views

If you are going to a business major, what language would be best to learn?

I want to travel the world while working. I speak Spanish and English but was wondering what could help in the future.
#bilingual #business-travel #language #business

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Oct 22, 2016 604 views

For a career in genetics research, what kind of jobs are available in the marketplace? Is it more likely I will be working with a University rather than a private company?

I am hoping to be a researcher in the field of genetics. I am definitely curious as to where I will be working post-graduation because I want to make sure I have some sort of job security. #medicine #science #biology

Rebekah’s Avatar
Rebekah Oct 27, 2016 1369 views

What is a normal day like in the life of a foreign language teacher?

I am interested in becoming a Japanese teacher/English teacher in Japan and would like to know more about the type of job. #teaching #japan #foreign-languages

Yong Kook’s Avatar
Yong Kook Apr 17, 2017 1164 views

Where would you go if you were to go study abroad?

Think about the environment that you particularly like about the place you want to go study abroad. This will help people to understand their personalities and learning styles. #travel #japan #study-abroad #theoretical

Cheska’s Avatar
Cheska Oct 25, 2016 982 views

Stay in State or Abroad?

I only have family in Nevada and this is making me not study abroad because of our financial issues were currently dealing. If you were me, what would you choose? I would like to be a Physician Assistant or to be a dental hygienist and I don't know what would be the best choice. #psychology...

Omar’s Avatar
Omar May 24, 2016 767 views

Is becoming a doctor extremely stressful and are taking student loans beneficial in the long run?

I am asking this question because I will be applying to college soon and I'm highly interested in pursuing a medical career. #college #doctor #science #medicine #biology #doctorate-degree