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What careers should I look into if I like to help people?

I am currently a senior in high school and I go to college in the fall of 2018. I am still unsure of what I want to major in, but I do know I love to help people. Many people tell I am helpful and I also tutor and volunteer a lot within my community. I was wondering what careers deal with helping people. #career-choice #community #college #majors #nurse #math

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3 answers

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Teresa’s Answer

Hi Kaira! I also live in Memphis and love to help people. Maybe nursing is your future? I love the field of nursing because there are so many different types of nurses- You can care for any age or illness and work in hospitals, schools, offices or homes. I work in the Newborn Intensive Care and love caring for tiny, sick babies and their families. If you are interested, you can call some hospitals and ask about their "shadowing" program. This helps students to see what a shift is like for the nurse and might help you decide. Best of luck in your future!

Your answer is great Teresa, thanks so much for sharing your expertise! At this moment there are more than 800 unanswered questions so I wanted to encourage you to keep going! So many students will benefit tremendously from hearing from you. Keep up the great work! Jordan Rivera COACH

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Theresa’s Answer

There is a broad array of social service jobs; from Hospice to schools, the courts to adoption. My daughter is graduating with her BA this spring in Social Work and will be going to grad school. However, she is still not sure which area she will pursue. She is on her second internship and will probably do a 3rd or 4th and maybe put off grad school until she is more definitive.

Try things out, internships are for that reason. Easy to walk away or buckle in for several years.

Good luck, t

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Shulin’s Answer

Hi Kaira,

It is nice to know you enjoy helping people. Helping people is a very board definition. How about you start to think how would you like the people to be helped? For example, giving money to an orphan is a way to help. However, can this action solve the problem of the orphan? How much money do you have? Could you give all the orphan money? How long can you keep giving the orphan money? Giving money to the orphan is really helpful or it's actually harmful?

There are way too many methods to help people. It's time to think, what you are good at and what is your concern. For example, I want to help people away from diseases, but I don't want to be a doctor or a nurse, and I am good at biology. I choose to be a researcher, to understand how a disease started, how it spread, how can a doctor treat that.

Some people believe saving the environment is saving the human being, and they like nature, enjoy understanding ecology. There choose to become an ecologist. Education is a way to help. Help for education a better next generation. Counselor, talk to people, helping them to solve the problem. Politician, help for building a better town, city, better country.

Knowing what you like, what you are good at, what you would like people to be helped, might probably help you to find your major. Good luck.