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Is the structure of the community management career path quite stable or continuing to change?

Updated Palo Alto, California

Rumor has it the community management profession is changing. Is that true? If so, does that mean that the career path is changing as well? How should our students who are interested in careers in community management (many of whom will not be entering the workforce for several years) plan to stay on top of the changes in the profession so that they can enter the workforce with the right skills and experiences to get an entry-level opportunity right after they finish their education? #community-management #career-path #community

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Ju-Hyoung’s Answer

Updated Redmond, Washington
Regardless your topic or concern, there should be nothing stable or permanent. Tomorrow should be different from today, and your opponent can be your friends tomorrow. However, it is nice to stay on the well planned schedule as community management positions, so that it leads other people following your direction. Sometimes sudden change will make people frustrate . Sometimes it fails your project. Please expect a change comes but make sure your plan/schedule in firm shape. It is a good way to lead community.
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