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How much do entry-level community management jobs pay?

Any research you could point to that would demonstrate what the entry-level salaries typically look like would be helpful. Please cite your sources on this one: even if it is annecdotal, it's better to acknowledge that. Bonus points for highlighting the differences by industry or sector or geography!

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2 answers

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Hector’s Answer

When you want to know about salaries you can do as I do. I research the job offers in the area I want to find a job and get an idea about average salary, because for the same job not all places pay the same salary. It changes with the business itself, with the region, and even the state.
But most of all, offer and demand, the amount of people with the skills in a certain area for that job you are looking for. The mor epeople with the skills, then the salary gets lower. This is not written on stone, but usually works this way

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Steve’s Answer

Slide 17 on this page might help you: https://www.communityroundtable.com/research/community-careers-and-compensation/cmss-2014/