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What does a typical day as a Forensic Technician look like ? and Do they offer full-time and part-time or just Full time?

This is the profession I wish to pursue and I need as much accurate information as possible.
I am doing a project and need to be able to explain a typical day in this field. (bio or chemi) #science #forensic

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi Nyeri,

A forensic science technician is a member of the team that investigates crimes. He or she gathers and documents, or analyzes, physical evidence from crime scenes. This evidence may include fingerprints, blood, hair, and bullets. Also called a crime scene investigator (CSI), crime scene technician, criminalist, or forensic scientist, a forensic science technician may specialize in crime scene investigation which entails the collection and cataloging of evidence.

Alternatively, he or she may specialize in laboratory analysis which involves using scientific methods to identify and classify evidence.

A Day in a Forensic Science Technician's Life
We looked at job listings on Indeed.com to learn about the job duties of forensic science technicians. We found out they:

"Perform manual and automated testing on biological samples including urine, blood, vitreous fluid and other tissues"

"Collect fingerprints/palm prints, tire and shoe prints, tool mark impressions, firearms, wound imprints of the deceased person(s) to facilitate positive identification and/or elimination of hair, clothing, fibers, and biological evidence"

"Receive and return evidence items and complete proper forms according to strict transfer procedures to guarantee and maintain the integrity of accepted chain of evidence for each item"

"Testify in court as an expert witness associated with laboratory analysis; Must be able to provide sworn credible testimony in criminal or civil proceedings arising from the performance of duties"

"Assist in the maintenance of laboratory instruments and reagent preparation"

"Write examination reports to document test results and maintain examination documentation according to laboratory standard operating procedures"

"Maintain security and safety of laboratory and keep current with regard to research and technology"

The Truth About This Occupation

Forensic science technicians work around the clock. Expect your shifts to include days, evenings, overnights, weekends, and holidays.
Many people find investigating the aftermath of violent crimes upsetting.

You may have to work overtime or be on-call to collect evidence.

If your job includes collecting evidence from crime scenes, you may have to be outdoors in inclement weather.

The whole article you can check on:


Good luck in your project!

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