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Does having another language under your belt help you become more competitive in job hunting?

I am currently studying another language and wanted to know if it really makes a difference when searching for a future career. #foreign-languages #language-skills

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Living in Texas? Most definitely! I'm in San Antonio, and cannot begin to tell you how many jobs I did not qualify for because I do not speak Spanish. Some jobs even pay you more if you are bilingual. I don't know about languages other than Spanish - I guess it depends on the job and location. I know Houston is much more multi-cultural than San Antonio. A second language is in high demand in the legal/law enforcement fields, as well as medical and customer service. What field are you considering? Kim

Last updated Nov 06 '16 at 01:16

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Yes! Shows adaptability, student mentality/willingness to learn and companies have clients that speak foriegn languages. If one can reach a wider audience this makes you more attractive to emploers.

Last updated Apr 25 '17 at 20:01

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