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Is it better to major in Finance or Accounting if you want to be an investment banker? What college courses should they take in order to do extremely well?

Asked Newark, New Jersey

I have been reading a lot of articles about how to get into the investment banking industry and how valuable a knowledge in finance and economics is but I wanted to know if accounting could still bring some value. #financial-services #investment-banking #financial-accounting #investment-banker

4 answers

Adam’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

For investment banking, Finance is a better degree as it will provide a more broad and comprehensive education. Accounting degrees are geared for individuals interested in accounting positions and help people get the necessary credits to get their CPA (certified public accountant) designation. Course specifically geared towards Corporate Finance are critical for those interested in investment banking. Keep in mind that industry is extremely demanding! Other industries worth considering might be investment management, or wealth management.

Alexandra’s Answer

Updated London, England, United Kingdom
Hi To become an investment banker, I suggest Finance studies. Market finance, economics, mathematics would be the most useful classes to take. A knowledge of the various financial products (derivatives...) and how they are traded would be useful as well.

Jessica Ma Thiri’s Answer


I agree with Packer's points. Besides theories on finance/accounting, a successful investment banker needs to be able to understand macro economy and emerging trends. In brief, you have to be up to date with current affairs.

I agree with the 2 comments above as I believe finance degree is more useful for investment banking career path. However, if you wish you can double major in both finance and accounting and fulfill the 30 hours of your accounting classes towards a CPA. You will have many options for your future career.

Christan’s Answer

Updated Washington, Washington
As long as your finance courses cover first year accounting you should be more than fine! Finance would be the go-to major.