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Nadia Goharian

Business Analyst at Fannie Mae
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Bethesda, Maryland
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Lindsey’s Avatar
Lindsey Mar 14, 2016 1873 views

Should I reconsider a career in the financial industry because I'm a girl?

I notice that the majority of people working in finance that I know of are men. Is there a reason for this? Should I reconsider my career goal? #finance #financial-services #investment-management #investing

Salma’s Avatar
Salma May 06, 2020 1788 views

What can I do to make money?

Hello! I have been thinking and got an idea to sell something for some money. I am not sure what I would like to sell or do to make some money. If there is any ideas that you guys have, please let me know and any tips that you guys can give me that would be great! Just to remind you guys, I am...

Brenda’s Avatar
Brenda Jun 30, 2018 554 views

What is your average financial aid package?

A community to #financial-aid help

Isabella’s Avatar
Isabella Apr 23, 2020 750 views

I'm interested in going into sports medicine but also interested in business, which is the best option?

I am three sport athlete with high honors, I go to a technical school and take Information Technology as my trade. #sports #medicine #sports-management #business #professional

Tien’s Avatar
Tien Apr 27, 2020 4920 views

What should I choose between Technology or Business , I prefer both but which is more benefit and easy to get the job irl ?

I always chasing my dream since it no more my dreams then it will be my goal #success #business #technology #career

Lidibet’s Avatar
Lidibet Apr 27, 2020 1541 views

How many years of study are for the finance career?

I am interested in a finance career especially in accounting. But I wanted to know how long the career lasts and how easy it is to get a position in a company. #accounting #business #finance

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan May 11, 2020 2140 views

What kind of prior experience will i need before i go into a job interview?

I just need some background information so I #career #interviews know what I focus on right now.

Maria’s Avatar
Maria May 11, 2020 607 views

When I get older I want to become a PT and live in Manhanttan; any tips on how to get there?

#physical-therapy #college #finance #psychology

Jiwanjot’s Avatar
Jiwanjot May 05, 2020 1848 views

For a banking job what kind of course required?

I am a student and enrol in business diploma. #student #business #finance #accounting

Shea’s Avatar
Shea Feb 01, 2020 562 views

Does any advice about jobs in the US in areas such as salary and requirements apply to me if I want to live in Europe?

I can’t drive so after college I’m moving to Europe because it is more accessible than the US in this area. #financial-planning

Rebecca’s Avatar
Rebecca Aug 31, 2017 1228 views

A two year or four year college?

I'm debating between a two year school and a four year residential college. Two year would save me a lot #help But a four year provides a full experience #collegelife I cant decide is my money worth the four year or should I just transfer to a medical school after the first two years #nurse...

Jesse’s Avatar
Jesse Mar 10, 2016 1916 views

How do I even create assets when I have debt from my college loans?

I feel like I should be paying off my college loans before I even begin to think about investing in things like bonds, stocks, etc. Should I think about managing my finances like this or is there a better way? #finance #financial-services #investment-management #investing

Carlos’s Avatar
Carlos Feb 23, 2017 1329 views

How can I find an internship for business or finance?

I'm a High school junior and really want to pursue a career in business or finance. I want an internship to gain experience and show an my interest to colleges. I know I'm young but is there any hope in finding a position like that? #business #finance #business-management #financial-services...

Kate’s Avatar
Kate Mar 17, 2016 1905 views

What was the hardest professoinal decision you've ever had to make, and how did it get you to where you are today?

I know life is full of difficult decisions, but how do you know which decision is the right one? I'm having trouble deciding whether to go to school to get my BS in finance or pursue my dream of acting. #finance #financial-services #investment-management #investing

Wanita’s Avatar
Wanita May 11, 2017 1060 views

How much time is realistically invested in the process of becoming a real estate agent before I can start building a clientele?

My goal after college was to always become an entrepreneur and I want to start right away post grad with getting licensed. I am starting my research now and I plan on starting next summer after I graduate. I heard time is a hefty investment in this process and I want to be realistic when...