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How can I find an internship for business or finance?

Asked Bedford, Massachusetts

I'm a High school junior and really want to pursue a career in business or finance. I want an internship to gain experience and show an my interest to colleges. I know I'm young but is there any hope in finding a position like that? #business #finance #business-management #financial-services #investment-management #investment-banking

4 answers

Nadia’s Answer

Updated Bethesda, Maryland

The counselor at your high school may have knowledge about the internship openings in your area. Also you can search websites such as Glassdoor or Indeed for internships in finance. Typically, I would start applying very early (i.e Fall for the following summer). However, there is always a possibility to find an internship opportunity last minute as some students who may have received several internship offers from different companies will have to decline all offers but their top choice. This will allow an opportunity to enter as last minute applicants.

Amy’s Answer

Updated Sparta Township, New Jersey

Hi Carlos, your willingness and ambition are wonderful...a great sign of your future success. I do think you might have trouble based on your age finding an "official" internship, but I do think you can find a related job. There are a lot of companies that might need office help (even in paying positions) that would expose you to a lot of "business" and even "finance." You'll also have the opportunity to meet people who have jobs that you think you might like to have in the future and that's a great learning opportunity. Just getting your foot in the door somewhere and being able to position that experience on your resume in the future as a learning tool that exposed you to some of the basics will help you land that internship when the time is right. With your ambition, you'll do great! Best of luck!!

Christine’s Answer

Updated San Francisco, California
I would look into companies that need office help or managing things. There are a lot of bulge bracket banks or smaller accounting firms that hire recent high school grads looking to get their foot in the door and gain experience. I would check out LinkedIn or family and friends that may need help with data entry

Paul’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

It's possible but you may have to focus on smaller firms or sole proprietorships because the large companies only offer internships to juniors or seniors in college. If I were you I'd try to find a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) in your area and contact them to see if you could intern a few times a week. If you really want to increase your chances tell them you'd be willing to do it for free. This way they don't have to worry about increasing labor costs and they would be more willing to take you on. Remember, at this point in your life it's not about the money. It's about gaining experience. The money will come later.