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A two year or four year college?

I'm debating between a two year school and a four year residential college. Two year would save me a lot #help But a four year provides a full experience #collegelife
I cant decide is my money worth the four year or should I just transfer to a medical school after the first two years #nurse #college #medicine #healthcare #academic-advising

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I love this question; more students should ask it :) If there's a strong community college local to you, which features transferable credits to four-year schools, it's a great way to start! Even though I was accepted to UCLA from high school, I started at a two-year community college, and I was able to transfer to UCLA at the beginning of my junior year. I loved the smaller class sizes, the ability to live at home, and the financial savings of attending community college; plus it prepared me for the study habits required to succeed in college. If, however, you're set on going straight to a four-year school, and you're serious about learning and exercising good study habits, then by all means that's a great choice, too! Look at it this way: Success is possible with either path. And getting a college education is excellent preparation to do great things ahead, too. #college #college-bound #college-advice #community-college
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