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Adam Packer, CFA, CAIA

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Devetra’s Avatar
Devetra Jan 27, 2017 1056 views

When would be a good to time think about investing?

I'm a sophomore in college and trying to figure out when and how to start investing for my future. #investment-management #investment

Bradley’s Avatar
Bradley Nov 07, 2016 1506 views

Is it better to major in Finance or Accounting if you want to be an investment banker? What college courses should they take in order to do extremely well?

I have been reading a lot of articles about how to get into the investment banking industry and how valuable a knowledge in finance and economics is but I wanted to know if accounting could still bring some value. #financial-services #investment-banking #financial-accounting #investment-banker

Daniel Iyanoye’s Avatar
Daniel Jun 01, 2016 1047 views

How does a venture capitalist know at first sight it's the next big thing

As a venture capitalist or investor, you always look to put your seeds in the next big thing and watch it grow to become a giant tree. But what's the 100% guarantee about the business you're funding and how do you know personally it's a wise move, besides the profile on paper #startups...

Demarie’s Avatar
Demarie Mar 15, 2016 1238 views

What kind of training and certification is necessary to become an investment manager?

I'll be going to college soon so I need to learn more about how I need to prepare for a career in investment management. Can you tell me what kind of training and/or certification is involved? #finance #financial-services #investment-management #investing