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What resources can I turn to in order to learn more about the process of becoming a Veterinarian?

I am a highschool student who is very interested in animals and becoming a veterinarian. However, I am having difficulty finding proper resources that can prepare me for the future such as informative sites on specific college classes or skills needed. animals veterinarian veterinary animal-health

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2 answers

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Kevin’s Answer

I would add to Maricruz's response and point you to Texas A&M. TAMU has an incredible school of veterinary medicine and there are resources on their website to review - potential curriculum, grade requirements, case studies (a glimpse into the world of being a vet), internship opportunities and best of all, a page suited exactly to your questions: "want to be a vet, prepare early".

This link is where I suggest you start:

The vet I take my dog to graduated from Texas A&M, she loved learning there.

Good luck!
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Maricruz’s Answer

Hello Sayeda,

It's good that you are seeking the resources at an earlier stage of your life before graduating high school. I encourage you to keep doing that!

The best way of finding relevant information is by searching for degrees/certificates into becoming a veterinarian. Search up what college affiliations you are able to most likely attend. Go to the college websites and search for the "degree plan" categories towards the degree/certificate you are trying to pursue. The degree plans will give you the list of courses you will need to take in order to complete that certificate/degree.

Some college websites even offer descriptions of what each class is about. Another tip is to seek professionals that are already working in the industry of veterinarians and ask what steps they took to do so. Consider also volunteering for animal shelters or animal affiliations.

Keep expanding, growing, and learning. Also, don't ever be scared of asking questions.

Hope this helps!