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What jobs can I get at a big global company with a computer science degree as soon as I graduate?

I like Programming especially HTML ,CSS !
And i hear that the pay is good and there a lot of jobs out for computer science students. computer-science engineering computer-engineering

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5 answers

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Richard’s Answer

Yes. Most of the high tech companies pay really good. If you like HTML ,CSS, you might want to look for a UI developer or a web programmer or web developer. It will be little tough to just get into such jobs just based on HTML ,CSS. You might want to look at studying some other areas as well like javascript, XML.

If you also study objective-C you can prepare yourself in getting in mobile development for Apple iOS.

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Anshu’s Answer

As a fresher with computer science degree and interest in the front end technologies, job in Big 4 tech and consulting along with most of the hot startups or pre-IPO companies are always looking for front end developers having HTML,CSS, Java Script, JSON, XML expertise. Be mindful that, almost all of these companies will looks for your implementation knowledge which students gain during the internships. Web portals, Mobile apps are the popular areas where companies want front end engineers.
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Jay’s Answer


A degree in Computer Science can lead into many different roles in global companies. For fresh graduates, you will likely be looking at specific roles in R&D (software engineering, quality assurance, UX/UI design, etc...), but there are other options as well. Many customer service roles look for employees with technical abilities. Business Development and IT look for technical roles to build internal applications or experiences. There are even sales-facing roles where you can work with customers on their implementations.

One thing to consider is what areas of your computer science degree interests you the most. Do you enjoy debugging, finding and fixing problems, do you want to create from scratch, od you want to help others with their technical problems? All of these will help guide you to the specific role that will fulfill you.

Best of luck
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James’s Answer

It's important to realize that you can get any job you want - these companies are big and need to fill many different roles. Most people think about simply being a "programmer" but that's just one of them. If you like tracking down problems - quality engineer. If you also like solving problems for customers - technical support. If you're outgoing - technical sales engineer. etc. The reality is that the foundation of computer science can be used take you wherever you want to go.
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Lucie’s Answer

The good thing about a Computer Science degree is that you can start in one of the below role:
- Software Application Developer
- Computer System Analyst
- Systems Software Developer
- Web Developer
- Network System Administrator
- etc.

Then become an expert (all the way to Director), or change path and go to another field for example Product Management.

Check out a few resources online such as:

You will get a better idea of salary range, career path, etc.

Hope this helps,