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How many years of school do you have to do to become a teacher?

I want to be teacher but at the same time i want to be a Criminal Psychologist. But i don't know if i could be a Criminal Psychologist . psychology education

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3 answers

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Jordan’s Answer

Hi! To become a Professionally Certified Teacher, it will require at least a 4 year Bachelors Degree. Some states may require a Masters.

I recommend researching your state’s teaching certification requirements by looking up their Department of Education. For instance, Florida’s DoE website has a full section on certification:

Some college teaching programs are approved to earn your state’s teaching certification. Just look into some local, public colleges and universities and see if their teaching programs include full certification.

Now, about your interest in Criminology—super cool! The good news is you do not *have* to get a degree in teaching to be a teacher. You can totally get a 4 year degree in a subject your passionate about. Some high schools have criminology classes and all schools have science. Your 4 degree would qualify to become temporarily certified in Science (for example) until you earn full certification.

Each state is different, but in my state they offer several paths to full certification. For example, I had earned a 4 year degree in English. I landed a Language Arts teaching job in a middle school right out of college. Over the course of two years, I did night classes where I earned “Alternative Certification.” But in the end, I had earned the exact same Professional Teacher certificate everyone else earns in my state.

In short…

Research certification paths in your state and go from there. 😀

Follow some passions!

You may be surprise how your passions will intersect down the road!

Jordan recommends the following next steps:

Find your state’s Department of Education website.
Research certification paths for teaching on that website.
Discover 4 year degrees at a college which interest you.
Consider a degree in an area you’d be interested in even if you were not a teacher
Find out which career paths the 4 year degree can take you
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Seema’s Answer

For becoming a teacher one needs a 4 years bachelor's degree in education. These days they have several built in program through which you can even earn your masters too after taking some extra classes.
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NANCY W’s Answer

I agree with Seema’s answer, ans I would add that you need to decide what subject you would like to teach.
Good luck!

NANCY W recommends the following next steps:

Explore what you have a passion for and make that your focus. You will need to have your subject matter area in the forefront with the education course to back it up.