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How to become a writer?

I love writing very much and my dream goal is to become a writer in the future, but I don't know where to start. journalism writing author

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5 answers

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Suzanne’s Answer

Janelle, it's great that you have discovered a passion for writing. Whether you are in high school or college, see if you can get a position writing for your school's newspaper. Even if you end up doing more creative, fiction writing later this will be a good way to focus on solid writing and editing skills and you will also learn skills such as researching a topic and writing for deadline.

Your school may also have other options such as magazines or creative writing platforms which you can write for.

As you get your feet wet as a writer, see if you can submit pieces to your local newspaper. Perhaps your local community has a weekly publication. You may not be paid but you may start to be published.

Take writing and/or journalism classes and speak with your teachers/professors about your love of writing. See if there are writing circles you can join where you learn to provide and receive feedback about your writing.
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Gloria’s Answer

Hi Janelle,

Writing is a much broader field than I think most people really consider. You can be a creative writer in a large variety of industries - marketing, education, along with journalism or writing books. You should consider what is your ideal creative writing outlet. I do a lot of creative writing personally but I also write for a living. I am an Instructional Designer. I write and create training that other people take (web-based training and videos) or training that is taught by someone (an instructor either in-person or virtually). And while it is not writing a novel, writing three to five minute videos is basically a short story. Creating a training program allows you to think about how the training should be composed. I write for a specific audience. I have to write it in a logical way that has a beginning, middle, and end. My writing is meant to be instructive, so it needs to be in the proper language of the job. It is not always easy to find that balance, but it sure is fun finding it.

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Fernando’s Answer

It all starts with what style of writing you want to go for. Novel, prose, article writing, script writing, those are just a few of the many genres you can go for. Experiment with as many you feel curious about to see which on clicks with you. After you've found your genre it's all about learning the ins and outs, followed by practicing it. It always helps to read various works that others have done within the genre you picked to see how others approach it. The outside perspective can really help you create you're own style of writing for said genre. Don't forget to proofread and ask for feedback.
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Vijayalakshmi’s Answer

Start writing !! A writer needs to write !! a lot of practice is needed both reading and writing . Start off with small articles and meet the standards required by the local newspapers and magazines, slowly you will pick up the fine nuances of writing. You need to have a broad knowledge of the language -- assuming you are writing in English !!, then a wider perspective of the language , how its spoken across various countries, the local words that are generally used and the popular literature.
The next important aspect is to 'empathise' with the character you wish to write, or become fully involved with the subject of your choice that you wish to write upon. A passionate writer puts in more meaning to the article written. Its a great career .
But keep a note of the flip side as well ! Have a positive attitude to accept rejected articles and stories. Make a note of the financial rewards of writing as well.
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Michael’s Answer


Congratulations on deciding to be a writer. Writers are very creative and work very hard -- but the pay off is wonderful. You get to see your story come to life. I think many writers have a genre they like and I noticed they also have a unique style, or rhythm. I recommend starting small and sharing it with people you don't know so you can get honest feedback. Also, it helps to find other writers you can trust to give you good feedback.

Good luck and I'll watch for Janelle S, author!