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Can I become a lawyer and an actress?

I am a student. I want fame and I also want to help give justice. lawyer law

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2 answers

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Kristen’s Answer

Absolutely! Go to law school during the day and take acting classes in the evenings! Both paths will take a lot of hard work & time but you will learn so many skills applicable in life and they will open many doors of opportunity! Good luck!

Thanks, but I have read a lot of reviews that say that studying law requires full concentration and a lot of studying Riya Maurya M.

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Mickael’s Answer

You can, it will just require a lot of works. And if fame you get (which I wish you to get), then I believe you will have very few time for the rest. And I believe lawyer can be time consuming job. But there is nothing impossible.
That said, you can be famous lawyer :)

Thank you so much Riya Maurya M.