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What are some schools that offer programs about types of business?

#business #business-management I am passionate about helping smaller businesses when I’m older and creating my own.

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3 answers

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Melissa’s Answer

In terms of college, if you're wanting to work for a small business/create your own I'd look into an entrepreneurship major. I'm biased, but Baylor has a great program and good scholarships (#10 on this list:

I'd suggest double-majoring in entrepreneurship and something else you enjoy (finance, accounting, marketing?) if you can. Pretty much any business program will have you take a variety of business courses before getting into your major so you'll be able to learn a lot about different kinds of businesses.

Melissa recommends the following next steps:

Take college match quizzes (find on google)

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Michael’s Answer

Outside of college, there isn't much. With the power of the internet and a little funding you can set up a business for about $500 depending on your state. Legal is a good resource.

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Danielle’s Answer

In terms of colleges, if you're wanting to assist a small business or even create your own, I'd investigate entrepreneurship as a potential major.

Currently ranks Babson College as #1 in the US. However, there are a myriad of schools that are all excellent:
1. Babson College
2. MIT
3. University of CA at Berkeley
4. Indiana University
5. University of PA.

There ae also great online tools to assist in an entrepreneurship college search such as:

These search engines provide an array of information and the ability to narrow down to key attributes (i.e. specific programs, rankings, test scores, yearly costs, aid awarded, size, teacher to student ratio, etc.).

Finally, once you have narrowed the field to a few key programs if you are able to visit in person that would be a terrific opportunity to better understand the school and the community. If location is not easily accessible than suggest utilizing the online tours and interviews that are now available at most colleges and universities.

Best of luck on your search.