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What careers are possible with a psychology degree?

My friend is worried that there are not a lot of options for careers after she gets her psychology degree. #psychology

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Hi Kemi,

Students who complete graduate-level psychology degrees have far more job opportunities. A master’s degree may lead to jobs as research and clinical assistants, while a doctorate is necessary for anyone who wants to work with patients in a clinical setting or move into a research or academic position. Many degree programs allow students to focus on a specialty area, including child development, abnormal psychology, counseling, social psychology, and cognition.

Take a look in these options in:

Best and good luck in your choices!!

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You could also look into jobs with similar degrees such as counseling and social work. The degree you want really depends on how you imagine working with people. I chose counseling because I am interested in more one on one existential talk therapy and group psychotherapy as well as school counseling. I decided not to go for the doctorate in psych because I wanted to stay away from a lot of diagnosing and research.

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