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What are some good entry-level jobs without any prior experience as a part-time job?

Right now, I want to work a little to save up money for future expenses (grad school etc.) but I'm not sure what kind of jobs I should go for. Some people suggested working at gyms as customer service or at restaurants at the front desk. What other great choices are there? Thanks! #job-search

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3 answers

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Kim’s Answer

Many young people get their first jobs in customer service: retail sales, call center, etc. Others go into things like warehouse work or construction. If you go to the website indeed.com, click under the job search box where it says "advanced job search" you will be able to search for specific parameters of what you want. Try going back only 3-7 days for your city, with the exact phrase "part-time", and you will see many matches.

Since your interest is in computers, ideally you would find something that had something to do with that, but that might be difficult. An excellent first career move for graduates is a manager-trainee position, such as at a car-rental facility, but your interests seem to be in a different direction. I know of a student who made EXCELLENT money waitressing at a steak restaurant, ($50K), making it difficult to give that up for a "more professional" (but lower paying), "career."

I know you did not ask this question, but, be careful rushing straight through college plus grad school. People with Masters degrees, and little experience, are finding that they are over-qualified for entry-level positions, and under-qualified for the higher positions. Also, it may not be what you wanted. It is better to test the waters first, then go back for the Masters.

Best of luck!

Thank you! Kemi L.

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Sandra’s Answer

Babysitting and tutoring is another way to get experience as it proves you are responsible, can be trusted and another way to make money if you desire a flexible schedule! One way to make this experience stand out in your resume is to disclose what efforts you made to get your name out there. For example, did you create business cards? Did you create a website or Facebook page? These are examples of how you can include your interest in computers in a creative way.

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Raad’s Answer

It depends on your interests, character & personality !
If you have the sales personality; smiley customer service character, then go for customer service, sales or front desics services.
Make you part time job sourced out of your hobbies & interests where it will make you shine & stand across the crowd.