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What careers are available with an Asian American Studies minor?

I am interested in doing an Asian American Studies minor because I am interested in the area of study. But at the same time, I'm wondering what careers are open to me with this degree? #studies #asian

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2 answers

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yoonji’s Answer

Hi Kemi! I studied international affairs with a focus on Asia in undergrad and at grad school (so close but not really to Asian-Am) BUT I do have a couple friends who studied Asian-Am in undergrad. While they loved their Asian-Am studies and their professors, they actually did not end up pursuing Asian-Am related careers. We are now 8 years out of undergrad, and one of my friends does logistics at Amazon and the other friend does product marketing for Disney. Their Asian-Am degree gave them a solid foundation for their careers outside of that degree.

If you are interested jobs more closely aligned with your Asian-Am minor, I would suggest looking into internships at institutions that support Asian-Americans and start cultivating your professional network while also gaining valuable experience and insights for a future career in this area. I see that you're in the DMV area, which is AWESOME because there are so many great organizations nearby.

A few suggestions are to check out the following places for news or job/internship opportunities: (DC) Mayor's Office on Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs (https://apia.dc.gov/), National Council of Asian Pacific Americans (NCAPA)(http://www.ncapaonline.org/sign_up_for_updates), the Asia Foundation, or the Asia Society. I hope this helps. Good luck in your studies!

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suraj’s Answer

Choosing a major is not the same as choosing a career. It is one step in a process that may lead to a number of different career options. Most majors do not directly correlate to specific occupations. Instead, choosing a major allows you to pursue your interests and develop skills that are transferable to a variety of career fields.

One way to begin thinking about your choice of major is by addressing the following questions:

What is the focus of this major?
What skills will I develop in this major?
What are some of the most popular career options for graduates with this major?
What other resources are available to help me with this decision?

Thank you! Kemi L.