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How did you know you wanted to pursue pharmacy

I’m someone who has a lot of family in the medical field and seeing them change peoples lives inspired me to want to do the same in my own way. I chose pharmacy because I want to provide reliable Heath care and prescription drugs to those who may not have access to such. pharmacist pharmacy medicine health healthcare

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Tia’s Answer

Hi Chris! Great question!

I knew l wanted to help people but just did not know in what area. I was involved in a few health career organizations in high school and undergraduate - where I learn about pharmacy, dentistry, nursing and medicine. I majored in Biology and Chemistry in undergraduate and learn about pharmacy - retail but realized pharmacy is more than CVS and Walgreens. Definitely do your research in a few health related fields, and try to shadow different areas (even if it is in pharmacy) to get the experience so you are fully sure that the path you pick is the right path for you.