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What’s a good start to become a engineer

I want to know where would be a good start to becoming a engineer #engineer

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3 answers

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Nicole’s Answer

Hi Anthony C. Thanks so much for your question.

In my opinion, most really good engineers have an inner curiosity that doesn't go away. They have a desire (and sometimes a need) to understand not only how something works but why it works that way. That how and why often changes to "now that I understand how and why this thing works the way it does, can I make it better"...

A natural curiosity and a desire to continue to learn can also keep the work of an engineer interesting. This natural curiosity is, in my opinion, part of the reason why engineers are everywhere and why they continue to be in demand.

There are other more traditional items that are needed to become an engineer. I imagine you are aware that strong math and science grades can be incredibly helpful. But I think that over time, getting better at math and science can happen with practice. Curiosity can help in this area as well because a student can begin to ask themselves and find the answers to "how can I get better at physics or calculus"....

Hope you find this answer helpful. Best of luck to you!

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Pro’s Answer

Choose Your Specialization.

Decide which type of engineer you want to become and apply to the colleges that have your specialization of choice.

Study Hard. ...

Register for Co-op. ...

Join a Professional Engineering Society

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Pro’s Answer

There are a bunch of different engineering fields, including wildlife habitat restoration engineering, environmental engineering, etc. First step would probably be to decide what kind of engineer you want to be.