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What is it like owning your own business

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4 answers

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Ari’s Answer

While it's extremely time consuming, hard work, many times thankless (especially when you're starting up), and sometimes scary, it is EXTREMELY rewarding. You have to be a multi-skilled person, you HAVE GOT to be focused on the details and numbers (or have people who you trust who can help you), and you have to be relentless.

Don't get into business if you're not expecting to work hard - in order to be successful, you have to be the first one in and the last one out. Also, don't look at a business as a job - it's essentially your life.

Again, however, if you are able to build that successful business and stick with it, there are few (if any) more rewarding paths - because it's YOU in the reason.

Ari recommends the following next steps:

Join and entrepreneurship club
Participate in a small business contest
Learn about businesses by asking business owners what they do and how they do it (especially for those in a business that might interest you)
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Tony’s Answer

Hi TyAnna,

Owning your own business should come naturally to you not depending on someone feels. You should know what you dream to do that other people consider works. From that vision, you will feel happy while putting 150% of effort on doing it if you’re lucky that is your own business. Another factor is you shouldn’t worry about failing because it’ll help you be better next time around. Good luck with your school!!!

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Rob’s Answer

Agreed with the previous comment about hard work, but I would also think about other areas of benefits and challenges. On the benefit side, you can follow your dream and create something from the ground up. That gives you lots of flexibility, but you are also taking on a lot of responsibility and roles that you have to do in order to be successful. Think Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, etc. These are all things that you will need to do yourself or think about if you have the money to get others to do the work. I would also suggest that you gain experience working in another company(s) before starting from scratch so you can get hands on experience before diving head first.

Thanks this comment helped a lot . TyAnna R.

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Pro’s Answer

Hard work, but it would pay off because you get to keep all the profits instead of living on paychecks. You can also pick your own work hours and not have to worry about being fired.