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What do I need to do to get my own business registered?

I started my own entertainment company at 15 will be 18 soon and want it to be legit. entrepreneur

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2 answers

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Will’s Answer

Entertainment business sounds coooool!

I did a quick search online given you're based in Detroit, MI (I might be wrong). Here's what I found:

Basically a list of things you must do regardless of business type.
1. Obtain a FEIN (something like your business SSN)
2. Register the assumed name (be creative:))
3. Obtain UIA Number (you need this before hiring others)
4. Obtain a Sales Tax Licence
5. Register your business with the Michigan Department of Treasury
6. Obtain all necessary permits (industry specific)

See details:

Good luck!
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Pro’s Answer

Important steps:

Pro recommends the following next steps:

Write your business plan, choose your business location, finance your business
Determine your business structure (sole proprietorship, etc.) & get it registered. Then determine your business' tax responsibilities, & apply for your business license & permit
Determine employer requirements if you plan on hiring employees