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Can i get someone to sponser my education?

Am a student at multimedia university of Kenya studying journalism but anable to proceed due to lack of finances. I am from a humble background but ready and willing to study to change my family and my future. #scholarships #journalist #donours #sponsers #well #wishers

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1 answer

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Gary’s Answer

good question, there are many ways to pay for your education...I do not know a lot about Kenya to be honest, there may be government or business sponsored programs that can help you there, I would suggest researching this further.
I did want to send you this link to FastWeb,, when I was a college recruiter I used to tell students about this all the time. It is a very good tool for finding scholarships and please be sure to check all categories, there are literally scholarships for everything out there...for example, if you are left handed, there used to be a scholarship for that :)
Good luck!