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If I get a student loan and go to college for 6 years to to get a scholar to become a vet, how long would it take to pay off the dept as soon as I get a job as a vet?

I'm Mea, The college I want to go to is IU in Kokomo, Indiana if that helps to answer the question :) #college #graduate #veterinarian #masters #with #administrator

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Hi Mea!

The best way to get an answer is to talk to a vet who attended IU. The best way to do that is to talk to the head of alumni relations at IU to arrange to talk to and meet vets who graduated from there and are working in the field. The head of alumni relations is a person who has assembled a community of graduates who are very happy to speak with people interested in following their career. From graduates' personal experiences, you will learn much.

Here are some tips on networking which will allow you to get much helpful information and create helpful relationships:

Also, you might consider going to a community college first to keep costs down, and lessen the debt. Classes are smaller and the costs are very reasonable and they have great intern and coop programs so that you can earn and learn and get good experience along the way. Too many people are paying way too much money for an education. Talk to the head of alumni relations at your local community to arrange to talk to graduates of that school who became vets.

Here some good tips on keeping costs down.

Also, - talk to your school counselor about participating in coop, intern, shadowing, and volunteer programs that will allow you to see the inside of a vet career so you can see what they actually do, how they got there, and how you feel about it. - talk to the reference librarian at your local library to learn about professional organizations to which vet in your area might belong, so you can mix and mingle. Groups like this are very open to inquiries and participation of students such as yourself.

Let me know if any how this might be of help. Please keep me informed. I would like to follow your progress. Best of luck!

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