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How many years does it take to become a graphic designer?

I like to design, build, and play basketball. graphic-design art fashion

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2 answers

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P.’s Answer

You technically don’t have to go to school for it. Start by practicing on Canva then find online tutorials on how to use the adobe programs (like photoshop). You could do a short certification program for you reslly want to.
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Jessica’s Answer

P. is correct. You really aren't required to get a degree to be a designer, but an Associate's Degree (two years) at the least could be a good catalyst to learning the basics and foundational skills required to really get your feet wet. And having a degree to vouch for your experience with employers is always a bonus when maybe you don't yet have a robust portfolio to showcase with potential employers. In your two years of studying Graphic Design, you should be able to build a small portfolio to help you get your first graphic design job. The portfolio is the most important element for a designer to build to get the jobs they most desire. Make sure to have a portfolio tailored to the job you want and that incorporates your best work (about 10-15 items). A portfolio is NOT ALL of your work.