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what is a good way to get your modeling picture to a person who does that kind of stuff

Many told me I am pretty and beautiful and gorgeous (I have a hard time believing them) But I would love to model #art #design #fashion #photograph #graphic-design

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4 answers

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Micah’s Answer

There are many modeling agencies out there. Just research "modeling agencies" on Google and then set up an appointment/interview with them. Beware of any agencies who try to charge you a fee for being a member or part of their group. Legit agencies won't charge you.

This is the age of reality television stars turn actor, turn singer, turn model, etc. If you are willing to be in front of a camera to get your potential career launched, along with signing up for modeling agencies, I could also sign up with a talent agency that can assist with getting you on a reality television show. Again, no one should be requesting money upfront, just a fee for placing you in a paying job. You can also check out https://www.backstage.com/casting/open-casting-calls/reality-TV/ Cherisse Marshall-Mungal

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John’s Answer

Hi Marie, everyone so far has given great advice. You'll need to strongly consider your personal brand as a model - that will help determine how you go about getting work, in addition to the field(s) you choose to model in. Fitness, fashion, editorial, promotional...there are many types of modeling and the key to a successful career is determining where to focus your energy and networking. In addition, creating a portfolio of modeling work is key. You may chose to network with area photographers to build a portfolio (perhaps through Instagram). If so, always make sure there is a written contract involved so you are aware of who owns the rights, and what types of rights, to the images that are created of you. Also, always vet photographers by contacting models they have worked with to make sure they are both a good person to work with, and a good fit in general for the type of portfolio "face" you want to project. Having a strong portfolio it the modeling style(s) you wish to pursue will help you secure representation by a modeling agency if that's your choice, or will help you create a strong freelance presence, if you choose to model as a free agent. If you choose to model as a free agent, I would set up a limited liability company (LLC) in accordance with your state/local laws so you can manage yourself as a business more easily. Hope this helps!

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Veen’s Answer

You should try to find representation first and foremost if you want to take it seriously and make modeling into your main source of income during and after high school. If you are choosing modeling instead of college you must be strategic about it as Jerry has outlined, and get someone who can help you navigate the business like Micah said.
Look on Instagram and other image-based platforms and see if there are "open calls" for models near you. This may be a good way to drum up business or at least get people to see you and know who you are.
Try to build your network; this is important within fashion because photographers want to know that you can move well, don't get "dead face", what kinds of shoots you're willing to do, etc.
The photographer I work for does portraits and shoots with models to build his portfolio, he just asks them to leave his watermark on them and tag him in posts they make or when they distribute them/ show them with their portfolios.

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Jerry’s Answer

I would begin to think strategically about the marketability of your beauty. Are you interested in high fashion, commercial, fitness, promotional and etc.? Don't forget that beauty is a business.