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Jersey’s Avatar
Jersey Feb 20, 2020 1070 views

What should I do to get into the graphic design world?

I'm a student in 11th grade and I was wondering what skills should I improve on, certificates to get into, or any tasks I should do to increase my chances in getting into the graphic design world? Also, what should I include in my portfolio?
#graphic-design #art #design #designer

Marie’s Avatar
Marie May 12, 2020 585 views

what is a good way to get your modeling picture to a person who does that kind of stuff

Many told me I am pretty and beautiful and gorgeous (I have a hard time believing them) But I would love to model #art #design #fashion #photograph #graphic-design

Lexi’s Avatar
Lexi Apr 27, 2018 669 views

Are there jobs available for Linguistics majors?

I've been passionate about language for the majority of my life, and I've finally settled on my major. Linguistics with an emphasis in English is my passion, but I assume the jobs are limited since I hadn't heard of this degree before applying to college. Any #linguistics fanatics care to...

Sarina’s Avatar
Sarina Aug 10, 2018 854 views

Linguistic majors with bachelor's degrees, what struggles did you face once you tried to enter the workforce?

I'm considering pursuing a Linguistics major for my BA. I've read that it's quite hard to get a job unless you also have Computer Science minor/double major paired with Linguistics, which isn't quite my plan, though I'm considering pairing Linguistics with CS if it becomes clear that pursuing...

Léane’s Avatar
Léane Apr 03, 2018 795 views

Study linguistics, then what?

I'm really interested in #linguistics, mostly the history of speech and languages, how words became to mean certain things etc. What career options will I have after I graduate in this field? Research? #career

Ty'Bria’s Avatar
Ty'Bria Apr 24, 2018 830 views

What are some jobs that involve linguistics and journalism?

Well for one right now I am only a sophomore in high school and I'm kinda looking into colleges where I can study these topics. I just don't know if there is a lot that offers that in the work force #journalism #linguistics .

Kilbert’s Avatar
Kilbert Apr 04, 2018 821 views

How many opportunities are there for a linguistic major in Massachusetts, specifically Boston.

#linguistics #language #boston #Massachusetts

Isabelle’s Avatar
Isabelle Jun 03, 2020 2433 views

Has making your hobby and passion, specifically art, as your career, ruined your enjoyment for it?

I have always loved making art and have been told by many that I should go into a line of work with art involved. However, I fear that once it becomes an assignment or requirement, I will find inspiration hard to come by and will no longer enjoy it; therefore, not doing my best work. #art #career

Franklin’s Avatar
Franklin Jun 01, 2020 533 views

how can you become a member of congress


Indhu’s Avatar
Indhu Jun 09, 2020 752 views

I'm planning to take journalism. I would like to get some insights of choosing it as a career

I would like to know about the following
- best place to study and practice it
-requirements/talents/priorities for taking it up as a full time career
-professional advice for the same #journalism

GABRIELLE Apr 29, 2018 566 views

What kind of jobs can a person with a New Media Design major be qualified to do?

I am interested in computers and art. I like art and designing things with the use of computers. I was told that I should major in New Media Design. I have never heard of this major before so I am unsure of what kind of jobs that it would qualify me for. I am also unsure of how I could...

Tamron’s Avatar
Tamron Jan 16, 2018 661 views

If I would like to be a journalist with an international focus, should I major in journalism or international relations?

My goal is to work in journalism, however I'm not sure which major would be best. I know that journalism is a competitive major, and an international relations degree offers more versatility, so I would like to study both. My choices are to major in journalism and minor in international...