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how to select a career

i dont know what to do need guidance career-path professional career-choice

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5 answers

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Haven’s Answer

The professional world is limitless with jobs. It’s difficult to decide on what to do when there are many options. However, a person needs to know themself before they pursue a profession. No one should go into a profession that they are not passionate in. No one should got into a profession that will make them unhappy. Everyone should go into a profession where they can use their skills to the fullest and take pride in what they are doing.

For me, I knew I wanted to a physical therapist because I like fitness, teaching, and socializing with others. I wanted a job that was on my feet because I knew if I got job where a sat behind a desk all day I would be bored. Thus, for a person to figure out their potential professions, start by listing out interests and dislikes. Do you like sports? Maybe a career can be in coaching. Do you like working with people with physics disabilities? Maybe a more specific career can be coaching with special populations. On the other side, if you dislike math, then a career in finance may not be a career to pursue.

Ultimately, it comes to you and knowing who you are and what you want. My best advice is this: if you are still unsure, take on internships and job shadowing opportunities and learn about various careers. I’m doing so, you’ll gain a better experience of the profession and what you want in a job.
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Atul’s Answer

Sometimes answers to this question you already have, but you have not recognized it. Do not let someone tell you what to do.
Identify what courses you are doing well. If you are good at Math, consider Computer Science.
If you are good at building, consider Civil or Mechanical Engineering.
If you are interested in knowing about body chemistry and disease, consider biotechnology or medicine.
If you have an entrepreneur mindset, start your own business or expand your family business.
Good luck.
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Reema’s Answer

I found things I enjoy doing and some kind of fell in my lap. I really enjoyed being around kids. Then my first year I signed up to go to juvenile hall to hang out with the kids and that experience really changed me. I ended up teaching for social justice and it’s still a passion. I think you have to think about what you would love doing, so you feel passionate, motivated, excited. Nothing will feel like that 24/7 but mostly it should feed your soul, you’ll also do your best work this way.

Give yourself permission to change too. Life takes us on some crazy journeys and things can change. Be flexible and open to new opportunities. Hope that helps!
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Rebecca’s Answer

You can think about what you are interested in, e.g. any subjects, your hobbies, etc. For example, if you are interested in Science, would you consider to be a Scientist, a Science Teacher, etc. Alternatively, if you are interested in writing in your leisure time, would you consider to be a author, journalist, etc.
I suggest you can put down what you are interested, your hobbies, etc first. Then, you can explore what careers are relevant with these interest, hobbies, etc. You can find out more information about these careers and identify the career(s) that you would like to do in the future.
Hence, you can speak to someone who really working in these careers (if you know any) or identify any intern opportunities in these careers. It can help you to acquire better understanding on these careers and shortlist the ones you would like to pursue.
Hope this works! Good Luck!
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Tiffany’s Answer

Hello shaik,

The best way to write down or understand what interest you. One way to try these out is to volunteer within that particular interest or hobby and see if it would be something that you may see your self doing for a longer period of time. You can also job shadow someone that is currently in the field that you are looking to pursue. Try to set up a information meeting or a connection meeting so you are able to ask them questions regarding that particular field and that will help you have a better understanding of what its like on a day to day basis.

Hope this helps,