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To become a profession in the medical field , what are the steps exactly to get there ? Furthermore , what classes should I major in when I go to college ?

Asked Cleveland, Ohio

I want to become an OB/GYN & I don't know exactly what classes to take or major in when I go to college . #medicine #medical #pre-med #medical-education

2 answers

Michelle’s Answer

Updated Washington

For MEDICINE you need to major in Science. Few of the most important classes to take are:

Biology 141 - Anatomy of The Body Biology 142- Physiology of the Body Microbiology Advanced classes from 150 up to 250. Psychology Communication English more than 8 Credits if you are native. If you are not the may need a test is called the TOEFL test. This where the once I took before I became a DENTIST ( DDS). In your case, I do recommend to set an appointment with an adviser from the school that you want to enter. They will be more specific, this way you don't waste your money nad your time. Best regards, Michelle

William’s Answer


In High School take as many College Preparatory Classes as you can. These classes should be the more advanced classes. Do not be one dimensional. In addition to trying to do as well as you can academically, you need to get involved in activities such as band, sports, debate club, etc. Colleges want to see you not only excel in classwork, but also in non academic endeavors as well.

If medicine is your goal, pick Colleges or Universities that have strong premed programs. Although, again, you want to emphasize the Biological Sciences and Chemistry, make sure you show your capabilities go beyond the sciences. For example, if you have an affinity for languages, take advantage of that interest and talent. Again, do not be one dimensional. Medical Schools look for students who can excel in other disciplines in addition to the sciences. In the end they would like to see physicians not only excel as a professional, but also as a human being.

I hope I have been of help.

Bill Cox