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Do I need an expensive pc for game design?

I'm a senior in Glendale High School, I'm taking Digital Art class 5-6 and I want to learn about video games design. game-design video-game-design design

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2 answers

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Hassan’s Answer

I'd think that depends on the game and content you want to design. For a mobile game you likely don't need much performance at all. However, if you want to do Call of Duty type games you'll need a higher end PC.

If you want to focus on game content creation then you may find that a higher end PC allows you to do work faster and increases your productivity.

Thank you very much. Jose M.

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Izi’s Answer

The challenge you raised is related to the fact that testing your game, in case it involves heavy 3D graphics, requires a modern strong GPU. Those days seems the majority of those GPUs are used for the Crypto market, thus their prices will be 60% or even more than an ultra strong PC.

In case you only interested in the design part, 2D graphics, almost any second hand gamer PC should give you excellent results for a low budget.

On top of that, remember that a large, high resolution screen is require. This will increase the price by a few hundreds $$$ or even more than that.