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What careers are suitable for someone that majored in Cognitive Science?

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I am majoring in Cognitive Science and am curious what job opportunities are out there for someone with my degree. #college-major #college-jobs #cognitive-psychology #cognitive-science #cognition

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Hi Nicole,

Cognitive neuroscientists specialize in cognition and mental functions. In other words, they're experts in human cognitive development and the many psychological and physiologically factors related to it. These professionals are typically well versed in neuropsychology, cognitive psychology, and physiological psychology. They're also concerned about how cognitive deficiencies affect behavior, language development, depression, emotions, and mental health.

Since there are many disciplines related to cognitive neuroscience, neuroscientists come from a myriad of backgrounds. Many work in the following fields: math, philosophy, linguistics, computer science, physics, neurology, psychiatry, bioengineering, and neurobiology.

Cognitive neuroscientists rely on their knowledge of behavioral genetics, cognitive genomics, electrophysiology, functional neuroimaging, cognitive psychology, and psychophysics while working with patients. Many cognitive neuroscientists study how brain lesions affect mental cognition. Technology has greatly enhanced understanding in this field.

If a career in neuroscience or neuropsychology interests you, there are numerous colleges and universities that offer degree programs in these or related subjects. Students enrolled in neuropsychology and science programs are required to complete various courses in chemistry, neurology, anatomy, biology, psychology, research methods, and math. Most organizations that employ neuroscientists only hire applicants holding PhD's.

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