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what is a typical work day for a cook/chef look like?

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2 answers

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William’s Answer


Michael's answer is correct. A cook /hourly usually works their shift (8 hrs. ) and is focused on their station. A Chef/ salary is very different. You work the hours that are required for that day or week. You are most likely responsible for a department within the kitchen or the entire kitchen. I would say most days are at the least 10 hours. Many will be 12 or more hours. You will most likely 6 days a week.

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Michael’s Answer

Cook and Chef are different things. A cook shows up for his or her shift and leaves when it is over. A chef is more involved in fresh ingredients, proper storage, menu planning, and is generally more skilled than a cook. There is pastry chefs, Sous chefs, chefs for meat, fish, etc.

A Chef typically starts early in the morning selecting ingredients and prepping for the menu of the day. He or she gets things set up for the cooks or the other chefs. The chef will then stick around to ensure that everything is cooked properly and to his or her satisfaction. A chef may also need to swap out ingredients to accommodate customer requirements or allergies. At the end of the day, the chef may also go through the freezers and determine which ingredients can be kept or need to be replaced.