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What careers are there if I major in computer science?

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3 answers

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Eduardo’s Answer

There are many areas within computer science such as:

Data Engineer: This one will set up the data, the data that is useful in an specific process. They separate data. (Inside this area are Big Data, Data minning, etc)
Data Scientist: They transform data by using math models which give a result based in expectations and statistics (Inside this one will be Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning)
Business Intelligence Analyst: They analize the data given from Data Engineer/Data Scientist and transform it to give reports for a business purpose.
Software Developer (this one gets another areas inside -> Web, App, Games, Desktop, Etc.): They create games, websites, web platforms, mobile applications, etc.
Project Manager/Product Owner: This ones are those who manages and talks with business clients in software related projects.
Scrum/Agile Coach: This ones shares the philosophy of Agile inside a company and accelerates the digital transformation
Cybersecurity/Forensics: They test informatic infrastructure detect security flaws and fix it
Network: Those in charge of network and communications infrastructure.
Microprocessors and Computer architecture: Design and development of new hardware technology
and many more...

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Atul’s Answer

You can be software developer and work in Silicon Valley and can make a comfortable living.
However, nowadays every company will ask you to pass their test before the interview.
You can work in cybersecurity, AI, Analytics, CRM or Social Media companies.
Learn the languages such as Python, Java, Go (Google) and others that are desired by these companies.

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Buddhima’s Answer

Computer science also provides you with algorithmic thinking and systematic problem-solving skills etc. You can use it to work in adjacent fields to engineering as well, depending on what kind of work you enjoy. It can open the door to areas such as product management, performance marketing etc, where you work with people to understand problems, design solutions, and validate them.