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Are there any jobs in the game industry better than game design?

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2 answers

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Jamie’s Answer

There are so many jobs in games, I would suggest a "better" question :) would be -- What job would YOU consider better than game design?

I know that's a hard question to maybe answer if you haven't delved into making a game so I would suggest you download a copy of Unreal and get to making a game level.

Do all of it, modeling, texturing, lighting, VFX, design, scripting.

This will do two things for you.

1. You'll touch every aspect of making a level and you'll get a feel for what you would prefer to do as a job.

2. At the end you'll have something to show.

You can show off your level on the Unreal forums and get advice to make it better and maybe by the end have something you can put on a reel and show a prospective employer.

And ultimately you might decide, "I don't like ANY of this."

And then you can move forward with your next possible future :)

In any case do what YOU like to do. Because despite everything else that truly is the most important and "better" choice.
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D.’s Answer

Most larger game companies are effectively technology companies a this point, so they have many roles that are similar to other tech companies, but aren't directly related to game creation/game design. This could include UX, Marketing, Technical Writing, Data Science, Data Engineering, Cybersec, etc.

Note that these roles aren't necessarily "better" or worse than a game design role—it's more about your skills and what you're looking for in a given job.