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Anthony Nov 03, 2021 291 views

What do you need to be a professional gamer.

#professional #gaming #programming#technology

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Deangelo Sep 04, 2020 420 views

How much game testers get paid.

I like football and basketball. I like video games. I like technology. Im interested in truck driving. #gaming # Trucker

Antonio’s Avatar
Antonio Jun 02, 2021 314 views

To be a game developer how many years would I need to be in college? Will I need a bachelor's degree or a masters degree in digital designs?

#gaming #game-development

Jimmy’s Avatar
Jimmy Sep 15, 2021 401 views

What education level is required to become a video game coder?

# #video-games #game-design #gaming

Scout’s Avatar
Scout Sep 16, 2021 481 views

Are there any jobs in the game industry better than game design?

#game-design #gaming #video-games