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What does it take to be a fashion designer?

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Jacquelyne’s Answer

There are many paths to success in the fashion industry. Being a fashion designer is a very broad aspect so I would try to narrow it down to a specific type of fashion career.
Are you interested in being a fashion illustrator? If so, this can still be a design field but without the hands on of making clothes.
Are you interested in making your own fabrics? If so, textile engineering and design would teach you the ins and outs.
Are you interested in being a seamstress? If so, a lot of fashion houses & labels look for people who can follow patterns and sew very neatly.
Are you interested in bringing your own designs to life? If so, pattern construction would be a very valuable course to take.
I suggest attending a college that offers Fashion Merchandising and Apparel Design. There are many courses that you will take and they will help you see how big the industry is and how many avenues there are.
Whichever part of the fashion design industry you do choose, just know it takes a lot of work and networking to work for the big labels.
If you love it, then you have what it takes.