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What are some other careers I could get by receiving my Sociology degree in Women's studies?

I've always been interested in Sociology and when I took my 101 class there was a brief discussion of gender and feminism and ever since then I have wanted to take the class specific to Gender and Women's studies. I find it interesting because of how different views can be. If I pursue a degree in this, what jobs will I be able to get? #sociology #gender-studies #gender #gender-discrimination #gender-equality

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Vania’s Answer

I wanted to switch my major to women's studies when I was in college, but decided to stay with biology. I also loved my sociology class and I remember my teacher appreciating how curious and attentive I was to the subject and his lectures. I worked in biotech after I got out of college but then switched my career and now I am a business owner in the digital advertising & marketing space.

I think that it matters what you do in college in terms of internships that will shape what you will do when you graduate. I did about two different internships when I was in college. I did one that lasted for about two years, and I did one that was only for a summer.
Nowadays, with our political climate, it's more important than ever to be able to have people that will vouch for gender disparities and inequalities. People that will write about issues. People that will defend others that need a voice. People that will be able to compile data needed to produce research documents that shape public health, specifically women's health. So, to, put it more plainly, you can work in politics, as a lawyer, as a researcher, as a teacher, as a journalist, or in public health.
I have a friend that has a PhD in sociology specializing in Latin American studies. She works at a university as a researcher.
I would advise that to make you appear stronger with regards to building your resume and getting work, I would go for a more advanced degree. I know this seems overwhelming while being in college, because you can't wait to be over with it, but it's perfectly fine if you take a break then get back into it. The advanced degree will open you up for more opportunities, higher paid ones hopefully also.
Good luck! Make your time in college worth every penny. It's up to you to seek opportunities, make connections, stay focused on your goal and stay on track of your studies.