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abby M. May 19, 2016 598 views

How does a university differ from a community college?

I really don't know the difference so I'm looking for some specific answers. thanks! #nursing #university...


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Katelyn Y. Jan 26, 2017 517 views

What are some other careers I could get by receiving my Sociology degree in Women's studies?

I've always been interested in Sociology and when I took my 101 class there was a brief discussion of gender and feminism and ever since then I have wanted to take the class specific to Gender and Women's studies. I find it interesting because of how different views can be. If I pursue a degree...

#gender-studies #gender #gender-equality #gender-discrimination #sociology

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Mariya T. Aug 21, 2018 377 views

What should my major be as an undergrad if I want to attend medical school?

What major would be best to have as an undergraduate if I later want to attend medical school? Would it be something like biology, chemistry, or biochemistry? Or include something like psychology or sociology? Double majors and dual-degrees would be an option, but what do med school...

#university #college #majors #chemistry #premed #med-school #medicine #psychology #college-majors #biology