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What is the hardest part about being a veterinarian?

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Adrianna’s Answer

Hi Owen,
Michael is correct. Personally I am not a vet, however I worked as a veterinarian assistant and was able to see all the various hardships. Many people believe that the hardest part will be euthanasia's, but in reality it's the abuse that comes with the job. Not only is it hard to find a good clinic that is managed well and has the Doctors interests at heart, it's also the abuse that comes from clients.

In working with around 8 vets they all sang the same song. Finding a good clinic to work at is hard.
Many clinics have different agenda's then doctors, and don't always treat staff fairly. This means that your ideals and the way you want things done may not line up with the clinic you work at and you may jump around for several years before finding the right place for you.

Another is abuse from clients.
Though you are VMD clients will constantly questions your motives and capability as a doctor, you wont be treated with nearly as much respect as human doctors. Veterinary medicine has one of the highest suicide rates because of these factors as well as the stress from the job.

I don't intend to scare you but I think this is important and hidden information. I encourage you to call a clinic and try and set up a phone interview with several doctors to hear their journey. This sounds intimidating and it may take a couple tries, but learning this information first hand by a vet is the best way, any hearing it from multiple different points of views is important.
Best of Luck
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