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What are ways to prepare for the computer science pathway?

I am a Junior in high school, and I am passionate about computer science.


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4 answers

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Asim’s Answer

I would suggest 3 steps:
1. Start taking interest in mathematics and explore Boolean Algebra.
2. Take entry level courses for very simple software languages e.g., Java, .Net, Visual Basic, etc.
3. Join hands with some hobby clubs utilizing software for their projects
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Toni’s Answer

Having passion is the first step! Then you will need to start diving into one of the popular languages. I started with C++ and C in college and moved into Java during junior years. Once you understand the basic of a language, you can pretty much grasp many others. Get to know an object-oriented language (like Java) and a scripting language (JavaScript, Python, etc.)
When you are comfortable, practice your language. Join clubs, competitions, or simply do online coding challenges (there are many options available). And don't stop there - continue by learning the structure around many computer science careers. Introducing yourself to things like project life cycle will show you just how many different computer science roles will interact with each other.

Best of luck!

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Thomas’s Answer


Honestly there are a lot of ways to start down the path. I would recommend finding some computer science related games/problems to try and solve. There are entry-level ones for people of all ages which can help teach the basics or explore the computer science way of thinking in a fun way. These really helped me to develop a passion for it. I would also recommend trying out some basic tutorials around the simpler/more popular languages. (Java, Python, etc.) The popularity really helps when you get stuck. For example, if you don't know how to do something in Python you will find multiple posts online about how to accomplish this thing and the descriptions tend to be very detailed.

Hope this helps!
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nancy’s Answer

Ask the counselors at your school and see if your school offers pathway courses regarding CS. If not, look for outside opportunities like volunteering, or ask around if there are coding clubs or CS clubs you can join to explore your interest more. Hope this helps!