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What is the best way to help study in order to graduate college

I am currently a high school senior and I am wondering what are the best techniques and strategies to help you study. studying-tips

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5 answers

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nancy’s Answer

Your best bet is to stay organized. I recommend using a planner, or google calendar/notion (depending on whether you're more into physically writing things down or recording them electronically). Before the school year starts, download the syllabi and look them over. If applicable, write down all the due dates and exam dates, so you have a clear picture of when you can study. Use the first week of University to experiment and see how classes are, because some require less effort than others. Hope this helps!
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Srihari’s Answer

Speaking from personal experience, staying organized as Nancy Liu mentioned is probably the single most important aspect. Keeping tabs on your upcoming assignments, tests, deadlines, and study schedules will keep you accountable ( yes, from all the guilt! ).
Ensuring that you have a certain timeline will help de-clutter and prioritize everything going on.

Of course, it goes without saying that you're going to have to put in the effort to actually stick to this schedule, but falling into the groove means you've already conquered half of it!
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Rebecca’s Answer

Thank you for your questions.
1. Pay attention in lectures. Put down the notes.
2. Complete the assignment and projects on time. It can help you to understand the context.
3. Do revision after every lecture . If you have question, raise it tutorials asap.
4. Start prepare the assessment earlier
5. Form study groups with your classmates. You can exchange the notes. It can help you to find anything missing or better understanding contect.
Hope this helps! Good Luck!
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Mike’s Answer

All great advice here. To add a technique that hasn't already been provided, something that helped me study and retain information both in college and in my pursuit for professional licenses was writing and re-writing notes using pen and paper. This can be anything - definitions, formulas, any key materials, etc. When I would study for big exams, I would rewrite all the notes I had taken throughout the classes. Sometimes I would create flash cards, but most of the time I would just grab a notebook and write. This helped me retain the information much better than just reading an highlighting.
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Juan’s Answer

Stay organized. Manage your time. Everything else is preference. For example I never took notes in college. Not even in math class. Thats just how I learn though. I did spend lots of time reading and re-reading books and documents. Ask questions. Never be afraid to participate in class. Even it its wrong