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How can I become a real estate agent?

Updated Stevenson Ranch, California

I would love to start and help out with my family business, by getting a real estate license. I am unsure about what education or steps I need to obtain my real estate license and become a real estate agent. #business #higher-education #investing #real-estate #real-estate-agent

4 answers

Tina’s Answer

Updated Little Elm, Texas

My Guess is that you are speaking about the Stevens Ranch in Texas. Each state has its own Real Estate Board or Commission. For Texas it is called Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). These groups have authority in a state (remember each state has its own state - level organization) to issue licenses. So if you interested in obtaining a Texas Real Estate Sales Agent license - just go to TREC's website ;=)

If you are in a different state- just google the secretary of state and search their site for real estate license.

Hope this helps, Dr. M

Ernest’s Answer

Updated Houston, Texas

Hello, there are a few ways you can become a real estate agent. Online classes, brick and mortar classes, but the online classes come in different ways. Online by yourself or online with video. Since you are running a business, I recommend the online with the video. With the video you can drive down the road and listen to your lessons on the go. There are two real estate tests; a state and a national.

Fred’s Answer

Updated Providence, Utah

Simple. First, get your license. Then, interview real estate brokerages to see where you fit. Most of them have training programs. You can get the license online or live. Google the schools in your area. Good luck!

Jack’s Answer

Updated Chicago, Illinois

There are real estate schools that help you prepare for the state exam. There is only one state license a Broker License .