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Imani C. May 18, 2016 393 views

What is the best way to approach the college workload?

Hello, From what i have been told their is so many things to do on campus. so much so, that you can easily be distracted and miss work due to the work load. What is the best way to keep on top of the work load while having a healthy social life? #college #college-life...


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Nada D. Dec 18, 2016 517 views

Is there a platform for finding a person to sponsor your university education?

I know that finding sponsors are really rare nowadays but if anyone on Career Village can help me find some way to gain a sponsor that would be amazing. #university #higher-education...


Armine M.’s Avatar
Armine M. Feb 07, 2017 502 views

How can I become a real estate agent?

I would love to start and help out with my family business, by getting a real estate license. I am unsure about what education or steps I need to obtain my real estate license and become a real estate agent. #business #higher-education #investing #real-estate...


Bridget S.’s Avatar
Bridget S. Apr 11, 2017 871 views

What are some Liberal Arts Colleges that would accept transfer credits/ courses from state school?

Very interest in transferring to a small, liberal arts college for individualized and though probing courses. Currently finishing my 2nd year of college a medium sized public state university. My current major is finance. Please comment if you would like more info the the courses that I have...

#higher-education #corporate-finance #finance #liberal-arts #university-applications #university #college-transfer

Wyatt  B.’s Avatar
Wyatt B. May 01, 2017 665 views

What college should a future entrepreneur attend?

I would like to know which college I should go to. #business...


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Devetra C. May 02, 2017 577 views

When is a good time to get a PhD?

I want to get a PhD in International Business but was wondering when is the appropriate time to do so? #career-development...