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When is a good time to get a PhD?

Asked Jacksonville, Florida

I want to get a PhD in International Business but was wondering when is the appropriate time to do so? #career-development #international-business

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There a two paths to consider in getting a phD. - One is to stay in school and work through all your degrees in an 8 year time frame. - The other to pause between each and get some real world experience. Since the degree is in International Business, real world experience to relate to during course work is highly recommended. This can also be done via internship programs during the summer. Also be sure to include foreign language studies, especially Latin and Asian.

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Well, most people say that you should work a few years between getting a bachelor's degree and getting a PhD, and this is especially true in business. Students will tell you it's better to have some experience in the working world; you will remember the things you learn in class more easily because they will remind you of things that actually happened at work. If you want to get a PhD in international business, you should try to live in another country before you start your advanced degree. Living in another country will show you that every culture is a little different in how it sees the world, and in how it does business-and it will teach you how to be adaptable and how to be a great listener, and these are the skills a business leader or a business teacher will need. Good luck!
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First and foremost - do you truly want/need a PhD?? The PhD is mostly a philosophical degree with the expectation that the life in academia is research and publishing - not teaching - not practicing the subject. I'm the first in my family to obtain a PhD, honestly, if I had known a PhD is a political degree from aristocracy, I would not have obtained a PhD.

Question: If you think you need a PhD to teach - answer is no- you can be "terminally" qualified with a DBA- Doctorate of Business Administration. A DBA, like an M.D. or J.D. is a practical terminal degree . Look up your state statute on education- also if you want a PhD, please be sure your Master's comes from the type of accredited body that the PhD requirement meets.

Best wishes, hope this helps your thought process.

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Getting a Ph.D. is an emotionally and fiscally challenging journey, so the right time to undertake one is when you can handle that responsibility. Having worked with many students, that is often hard right after doing a BA or a MBA. However, if you have faculty and financial support then you should take advantage of that. A Ph.D should be fully funded so just make sure you get an offer with funding if you do decide to go for the higher degree.

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