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How much do you travel as a construction company owner

I would like to know for my future in constructions #degrees #must #have #business #construction #construction-management

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John M.’s Answer

Combining actual project work, business conferences and prospective client meetings, along with locations where I have personally traveled to study historic structures, settlements, and civilizations the past 30-years, the tally is :

Forty-four of the United States including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands
Amsterdam, Netherlands Nova Scotia, Canada
British Colombia, Canada Quebec, Canada
Ecuador, South America Paris, France
Isle of Mann Lucerne, Switzerland
London, England Venice, Florence, Rome, Italy

Good luck in your pursuits within the building trades. Everywhere on the planet, people need and expect structures to be well designed and functional to meet all of their needs. The more you reach out to travel and work, study, and visit the more your mind and perspectives will be expanded to become the very best at what you choose to do.