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Do you travel if you are a model?

Hey, my name is Destiny and I wanted to know because I like to be home. I can travel but i will miss my moms #modeling #fashion #fashion-industry

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2 answers

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Ellen Teri’s Answer

Traveling as a model is one of those perks I love best, Although travel is optional; it is your choice! Modeling is a freelance job in most cases. It is also a career that offers a lot of variety. In my experience as a model, I have done a commercial for an airline, posed in a magazine, modeled in a store and done tons of runway shows. Variety is the “spice of life!”

I love being a model. This is the hobby I chose after raising my eight children to adulthood. Modeling gives me a chance to share with women that inner beauty is much more important that outer beauty. That said , I believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way,.

So ladies my modeling advice is be the best you can be. Along with your white pearls and lipstick don’t forget to , ‘Accessorize with Virtue!” That is the tagline for my ministry, Little Pink Dtess Ministry. Lastly, remember to wear a permanent smile on your face and carry with you a kind heart . You can be anything you want to be and do anything you want to do. I believe in you.
PS I also speak on beauty inside and out.

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Gabrielle’s Answer

Yes. Sometimes you can get calls to model in a fashion show that is not in the same state as you are, as well as commercials. Some seasons are slower than others, but overall you will travel which is good, because you are more marketable and diverse.