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what are the negative side of social media that we are not aware of?

Just a student and wants to keep exploring. social-media communications

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3 answers

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RJ’s Answer

Social Media platforms are meant to really do one thing, and that's to keep you engaged on the platform as long as possible. Just like with how advertisements work, social media platforms will continue to serve you up posts/pictures/videos/etc that they think you'll really enjoy because it'll make you click on it and stay on the platform longer. For example, let's say you really loved dogs and really hated cats. You'd first click on a dog picture, and the social media platform would record that, and say "oh they must like dog pictures, lets give them more dog pictures". And then over time they'll NEVER show you another cat picture ever again (or only on extremely rare occasions). Now, what if nobody told you cats were real or existed. You would never know, because you would never see them online. And you might be on a bunch of dog forums where everyone talks about why dogs are so much better than cats, and that's all you'll see, and you'll start to believe it yourself - if it's all you see, it must be true!

This can become very dangerous especially around important topics that affect our entire society. It can be very hard to see all sides of a discussion or an argument on a social media platform that is built to show you things that you already like/agree with. So it makes you start to feel that everything you read is the only truth, because that's all you ever see - and you see it from so many people and different sources. However, what you don't see is an entire other point of view (or multiple ones) because the algorithms are created to keep you coming back, and they have no idea if those points of view will keep you on their platform and keep you engaged.

There's a great documentary on Netflix called "The Social Dilemma". I encourage you to check it out, it'll give you more insights into how this feedback loop works on these platforms.
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Stephen’s Answer

That's a good question! While social media (and honestly the internet in general) are relatively new, I think with all media like Jeremy mental health is a major factor to consider. We also have to be mindful that we are given so much information at once, and as humans we can only process so much at one time. Information overload is something to be mindful of as well.

Regardless of what media you use (social, TV, radio, newspaper), being intentional with your usage can go a long way in combating mental health challenges with media.
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Lisa’s Answer

Social media/networking platforms can be really useful way of connecting and building up a network when it comes to preparing for work and planning your career.

As mentioned in other answers, there are also several considerations or impacts social media can bring
-impact to mental health
-replacing face to face connections
-be careful about what you share/comments you make - everything you do is visible - employers often search social media platforms on prospective employees