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Im currently a justice studies student taking border security program at college

I'm planning to do further studies after this program. I wanted to take bachelor's in criminology. I would like to kknow what all job opportunities are available ? #criminal-justice #criminal

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2 answers

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Monica Anderson’s Answer

Dear Sreedevi,

While I am not completely familiar with this program, I would recommend that you add cyber courses to your coursework. So many criminals are "crossing the borders" digitally that I imagine you would increase your marketability and your value to the profession by having cyber expertise along with traditional criminal justice education.

Good luck! The world needs committed professionals like you in this field.

Monica Young

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Greg’s Answer

A quick search on Indeed.com came up with many options. https://www.indeed.com/q-Criminology-jobs.html
Monster.com is another reputable job sight. This will give you a real world view for what companies are hiring people with Criminology degrees and what those jobs entail.